Investigating - WesternU's Zoom to MediaSite integration is currently down.

The issue is being investigated but at this time all Zoom recordings will need to be uploaded to MediaSite manually.

Sep 20, 2023 - 08:55 PDT
University Networks Operational
Pomona Campus Operational
East Valley Clinic Operational
Rancho Mirage Operational
Oliver Station Operational
VPN - GlobalProtect Operational
Academic Services Degraded Performance
Canvas Operational
EDU Rotations Operational
Degraded Performance
Top Hat Operational
Administrative Services Operational
Cognos Operational
Raiser's Edge Operational
Misc. Operational
ADP Operational
Clinical Systems Operational
EPIC Operational
Axium Operational
ImproMed Operational
Campus Services Operational
Self Service (Banweb) Operational (previously YOU Portal)
Intranet Operational Operational
Electricity Operational
RightFax Operational
Microsoft 365 Services Operational
Active Directory Federated Services (Single Sign-On)
Sharepoint Online Operational
Outlook Online Operational
Teams Operational
Misc. Operational
Zoom Operational
Zoom Meetings Operational
Zoom Video Webinars Operational
Zoom Chat Operational
Zoom Cloud Recording Operational
Third-Party Services Operational
TeamDynamix ( Operational
ExamSoft Operational
Slate (
Qualtrics Operational
Miscellaneous Operational
Miscellaneous Operational
Internal API Testing
Degraded Performance
Partial Outage
Major Outage
Past Incidents
Sep 21, 2023

No incidents reported today.

Sep 20, 2023
Resolved - The Pharos printing issues have been resolved. All Pharos printing services have been restored.
Sep 20, 10:49 PDT
Identified - A Pharos issue has been identified and it is currently being investigated by the vendor. Currently, access to My Print Center is limited and users may experience issues printing.
Sep 18, 12:47 PDT
Sep 19, 2023

No incidents reported.

Sep 18, 2023
Resolved - The vendor has resolved the Rapport issue and all services should be restored.
Sep 18, 17:15 PDT
Monitoring - The majority of Rapport has been confirmed restored by the vendor. There are a couple of lingering issues with the separate Rapport Desktop Assistant app. The issue will be fully resolved by end of business day.
Sep 18, 11:06 PDT
Identified - Update 4: Vendor has indicated the admin portal is up, but most of Rapport is still down.

Update 3: Changing the status to of this incident to 'Identified' as we know this is a vendor issue and we are awaiting their updates/resolutions.

Update 2: Confirming that Rapport is still down today. We have reached out to the vendor for an update, and they have indicated the issue is much larger than expected, but they are working to resolve. No ETA for resolution was provided.

Update 1: The Rapport software used in the Pet Health Center has been down due to a server outage on the vendor's side since ~6 AM Saturday (9/9). The issue is actively being looked into, but they unfortunately don't have an ETA of when the system may be back up.

Sep 14, 23:50 PDT
Sep 17, 2023

No incidents reported.

Sep 16, 2023

No incidents reported.

Sep 15, 2023
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Sep 15, 20:00 PDT
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Sep 15, 18:01 PDT
Scheduled - The 3rd Friday of each month is the designated IT maintenance window. For additional information please visit:
Sep 13, 16:27 PDT
Sep 14, 2023
Resolved - We are pleased to report that after extensive monitoring we can confidently say that this issue has been resolved. We believe all workstations have been updated to reach the new Axium server, but if you notice any that may have been missed, please that information to CDM IT and it will be addressed. We are now closing out this incident. Thank you.
Sep 14, 18:02 PDT
Monitoring - Maintenance has been completed and believe the issue major issue to be resolved. There is likely to be some odds and ends at the client/computer level tomorrow. Please report these issues to CDM IT for review and resolution. We will continue to monitor through the day until we deem the issue completely resolved.
Sep 12, 21:49 PDT
Identified - We have successfully load tested the Axium database on a new server. A maintenance has been scheduled from 5PM tonight until 7AM to move the production database from the old server to the new server and re-setup everything. See maintenance information in the link below.

Sep 12, 14:17 PDT
Update - We have developed a game plan and put it in action yesterday. A new Axium server was created. Early this afternoon, a stress test of the new server will take place to see if this is a viable solution. If this works, we will look to move the production database over to this new server. Continuous process is being made and we will update as things progress.
Sep 12, 10:19 PDT
Investigating - We are still experiencing significant issues with Axium this morning. Right now, we are actively reviewing and discussing more drastic options, including rebuilding the server/operating system.
Sep 11, 09:07 PDT
Monitoring - The tuning that was performed on Wednesday night has resulted in significant improvements with reduced downtime and interruptions to services. The only reports of interruptions came Thursday morning around 9:30AM, but we did not receive reports of any other issues after that.

Last night our Database Administrator added additional tuning and space to aim towards complete service restoration. We are confident that we have implemented the correct solution. We will continue to monitor throughout the day.

Sep 8, 08:07 PDT
Investigating - Unfortunately, as soon as we posted that things were going in the right direction, the database started having issues again. We are investigating.
Sep 7, 09:27 PDT
Update - Changes were made to the database late last night/early this morning. Thus far things have been stable and we are cautiously optimistic that this could be a resolution. We will continue to monitor Axium throughout the day. Please report any issues to CDM IT.
Sep 7, 09:23 PDT
Update - Steady work continues on this issue. Late today our Database Administrator reports that with the assistance of Oracle, a root cause has been identified. To come up with a solution additional diagnostics and queries must be completed and sent to Oracle. A group comprised of IT leadership, our DBA, and the Director of Information Systems (CDM) will meet tomorrow morning to discuss next steps forward towards a resolution.
Sep 6, 17:07 PDT
Monitoring - Additional troubleshooting and fine tuning of the Axium database took place over the 3-day weekend. We will not know if these changes are fully successful until customers start using the system on Tuesday morning. We will closely monitor the situation during the workday.
Sep 4, 20:39 PDT
Identified - We are still experiencing issues, currently investigating.
Sep 1, 08:12 PDT
Update - Work successfully completed last night, we will continue to monitor this morning to ensure stability.
Sep 1, 07:31 PDT
Monitoring - Maintenace has been scheduled for tonight from 5-9PM to fully resolve the issue. Please see for more details.
Aug 31, 15:34 PDT
Identified - The issue has been identified, and a resolution is in the works. Axium is currently operational after a temporary fix, a more permanent fix will be applied outside of business hours.
Aug 31, 15:15 PDT
Investigating - We are aware of a problem affecting Axium causing freezing and slowness and are actively investigating the issue
Aug 31, 14:13 PDT
Sep 13, 2023

No incidents reported.

Sep 12, 2023
Completed - Maintenance has been completed early.
Sep 12, 21:47 PDT
Verifying - We have successfully migrated the axiUm production environment over to the new server. Connections have been cut over and pointed all Citrix Axium-PROD instances to the new server. You may use axiUm via Citrix now. Clinical workstations are being updated now and should be ready before start of business day on Wednesday.
Sep 12, 21:16 PDT
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Sep 12, 17:00 PDT
Scheduled - To address the ongoing Axium issues (see link below), we will be migrating the production Axium database to a new server which was successfully load tested earlier this afternoon.

Sep 12, 14:14 PDT
Sep 11, 2023
Sep 10, 2023

No incidents reported.

Sep 9, 2023

No incidents reported.

Sep 8, 2023
Sep 7, 2023